La Y San

La Y San, graduated from vocational guitar department of conservatoire, is Skillful/ proficient in Tay Nguyen musical instruments goong. To improve his career prospect, he decided to set up his own studio. Maybe because of the fact that he was born into artistic family, La Y San has the chance to get to know programme directors and choreographers. The first choreographer he collaborated with is Ngô Thanh Phương in the “Vong Thoi Gian” in 2006 and partnered up in the following products afterwards. Later, he cooperated with other musicians, choreographers such as Viet Anh in the dance “To Quoc” by Ha The Dung, Ta Thuy Chi, Xuan Thanh; created music for the dance “Giac mo” by choreographer Phuc Hai. He also took part in Seasound Famlab 2019 project organised by British council and Lune Productions. There was the collaboration with musician Do Bao and Nguyen Nhat Ly in “Gio Binh Minh”; with Nguyen Le in “Oversea” project. Apart from these, he used to play live music in the plays of Lune Productions: Lang Tôi (My Village), À Ố show, Suong Som (The Mist). At the moment, he is one of the members of the play Tehdar. When creating music for any art languages, feeling is the first thing he starts with. Sharing is another important factor in art where the images, emotions, feelings of the actors, directors and choreographers have to be intertwined to create their very own language.