Inlen Photo Gallery (Inlen) is a dedicated art space for fine art photography and prints, founded in 2016 (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam) by photographer/visual artist Quang Lâm. The goal of Inlen to promote the emergence of new authors and make them known to a wider audience via exhibitions of conceptual, documentary, architecture and portrait photography. Inlen, which means to “print on” in English, is also deeply involved with publishing art books, considered an extension of the gallery where space is no more constrained by physical walls. After only a few years of operation, Inlen has become an important meeting point in the landscape of the Saigon art scene. The next step in the development of the Gallery is to make photography available to purchase by anyone who is interested in the contemporary art, via such forms as limited prints, posters, postcards, books etc. Website:

  • Machine Is Nature