Hằng Đinh

b. 1987, HCMC

Hằng Đinh is a well-known travel writer, blogger, vlogger, photographer and wanderer who has a curiosity for exploring other cultures around the world. She holds a Bachelor’s in Journalism and Communication at the Ho Chi Minh City University of Social Sciences and Humanities, and has priorly worked as a television reporter, writer for various travelling newspapers and magazines, and also in the field of public relations. With a tremendous interest in travelling and a flair for writing, Hằng Đinh has become a familiar name in the blog-writing community, and is loved by the local community of travellers. Some of her noted books include: “Quá trẻ để chết: Hành trình nước Mỹ” (released in 2015) and “Chân đi không mỏi – Hành trình Đông Nam Á (released in 2016)


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