Chương Đặng

Ho Chi Minh City

A son of the Bao Loc highlands, Chương Đặng was influenced by the romantic landscapes of his hometown at an early age and carries the romantic dreams that he had there into his business ideas. A business-minded person, he likes to embark on projects that allow him to create businesses in the creative field. Regardless of how ‘impossible’ or ‘spontaneous’ his business ideas might sound, they are always implemented and managed with a cool head. From the brainstorm phase to setting up short and long-term goals or customer services, everythings needs to be realistic and efficient. Known as a man of many trades and talents (from fashion design, running coffee shops, to organizing events), it seems that he always have simultaneous pursuits, and every year brings a new project, and it is always unique regardless of its scale! After working in the fashion scene and created his own brand Kujean, he co-founded Ru Phở Bar, the cafe chain Kujuz, The Fish Sauce restaurant, Ghém restaurant, and most recently the coworking space 17D.


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