Bạch Tùng

1993, Biên Hoà

Bạch Tùng is a graphic designer fascinated with the art of hand-written letters, from their messages to their shape and size. She practices hand lettering as a form to tell her own stories. To her, each handwritten letters hold the personalities and lifestyle of the one who wrote it. After graduating from Journalism and Communication at the University of Social Science and Humanity, she takes a swift turn into graphic design and art experiences design until now.


Her inspiration comes from the potential to express, reflect and communicate with visual language, which could be learned and practiced by people from all walks of life. She have has 4 years of experience working as an art instructor for Toa Tàu Creative Hub, participated in Gieo Xuyên Việt Roadtrip, a community project that brought joy and art experience to more than 8 provinces/communities across Vietnam in 2017.


In her self-taught practices as a graphic designer, her love of words leads her to brush lettering as a creative tool and also a form of her own introspective lense. Til this day, ‘Từ Tốn Viết Tay‘ – A Brush Lettering Workshop has been established for more than 10 classes, with the support of Đủng Đỉnh Đọc, a local indie library dedicated to the joy of reading. 


Bạch Tùng is currently enjoying her position at The Factory as an Agent of Art and  Design Assistant.