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The Factory Contemporary Arts Centre is an independent art centre that creates and hosts interdisciplinary contemporary art and cultural activities. Through exhibitions, workshops, live arts, talks and screening programs, we aim to be a ‘destination’ for our community, seeking to introduce and expand knowledge of art in its past and current cultural trends.


To develop and serve our local artistic community, by showcasing critically dynamic artistic production (from home and beyond) that enriches and inspires a supportive network for art and culture in Vietnam.


To nourish and facilitate the development, awareness and support of Vietnamese contemporary art and culture as a critically integral aspect of social life today.


– To showcase contemporary art, via exhibition and learning activities

– To connect, exchange, research, expand and network community and ideas concerning the interdisciplinary production of contemporary art and culture

– To encourage a ‘green’ and healthy experience of art and fine dining

The Factory operates as a social enterprise, where all profit from businesses on the property supports running costs of its art-related programs.