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Artist: Tammy and Hà Ninh
Exhibition date: 9 August to 27 October 2019 (Opening at 6pm on 9 August 2019)

A visual feast and formal investigation into the relationship between two painters: Vietnamese American Tammy Nguyen and Hanoi-born Ha Ninh. Using vastly different artistic methodologies (watercolor on paper and canvas, mounted on wood; drawings of ink and graphite on large-scale paper), both artists are experts in the art of collage in medium and ideas. Layering painterly images of flora and fauna, or rural intermingled with industrial landscapes – both artists examine the introduction of new species and industry to our lived environment and the various effects these may have on our physical and mental lives. Finding inspiration from studies on ‘green colonialism’ to the ethical practices behind our built environment, this exhibition will present both bombast and delicate style and intrigue inspired from the practice of book binding, ink and miniature paintings (to name but a few).


*Image courtesy of the artist.

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